After Puerto Rico (Adam’s take)

adamblogPRI have to be a little honest about our trip to Puerto Rico. If it was not for my wife, I may have asked them if I could stay. It was an intense trip that was action packed. We did so many things, and I watched our team grow so much. We were stretched by dancing (which was more fun than I like to let on), we prayed with people, and we just loved on so many.

I’m not always the best at communicating my emotions, but my heart broke in Puerto Rico. One evening we participated in a ministry called Rescate Cenicienta (Rescue Cinderella). This ministry is a prostitute outreach in which we drove around looking for prostitutes and passed out roses to them. We were looking for an opportunity to love on these women and tell them that they are loved and beautiful. We prayed with many of them, and I met a young woman named Sandy. Sandy has been doing this work since she was 12 and is now 20. She has a young child, and is pregnant with her second child. We were able to talk to her, and she even hugged us as she left to go to her next client. Talking to her broke me down. I thought of my wife who is just a little bit further along in her pregnancy than Sandy. I thought of all the children in Kid’Mo and House youth that are the same age as when Sandy started.

It is hard not to get overwhelmed by all the need on a trip like this. It’s easy to look at all the work that needs to be done and get frustrated. But knowing that God is bigger than any situation and circumstance is comforting. I know God is doing a work in Puerto Rico, and I’m glad I got to be a part of what He is doing.

Mission trips are an incredible opportunity for God to transform our lives as we are serving others. I know I am different from this trip, and I hope you would pray about joining us on our next one.


One thought on “After Puerto Rico (Adam’s take)

  1. thank you for visiting the island and for the beautiful community service you have provided. it is much appreciated 🙂

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