Onward to Puerto Rico…

Here are a couple thoughts from our First Impressions coordinator, Jeff McCaughey, as he embarks on a missions trip to Puerto Rico with an Lc team this morning…Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 8.38.49 AM

It’s crazy how time flies!
It seems like last week that my family and I were discussing the possibility of joining the mission team to Puerto Rico this year!   Yet here I am ready to pack and go!

I’ve never been on a trip like this and while I can’t say that I’m nervous, I can say that I’m always a little hesitant when I’m going into a situation where there are more unknowns than knowns.  To be sure, I do not know Puerto Rico, but I guess what keeps me going is that I do know that I have never regretted any trip into the unknown with God.

At the core, yes–He will stretch me and He will challenge me, which is never comfortable, but He will be right there with me–which gets me excited about what’s ahead!

In the end I guess I’d rather live for Him and have some unknowns than live for me and have no adventure!



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