Grace vs. Truth

CHRISTIAN fb 2The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14

This idea that Rich spoke on (Christian: Part 5) two weeks ago of living a life full of grace and yet full of truth is so hard for me. As I sat in my small group discussing this idea, I realized how much I have changed over the past five years. Five years ago I would have described myself as more of a truth person. For me this meant many things were very black and white and clear cut. On the negative end of this I was left a little jaded and legalistic. I was zealous and wanted to live righteously, but at the expense of sharing grace with those around me.

Now I would describe myself as more of a grace person. I love to share the love of Christ with those around me, and I’m not too thrown off by much of anything that people do anymore. I am constantly challenged with living in the tension of these two. Since I tend to lean more toward grace,  it’s good to recognize where I am and try to live in the tension more.

Where do you live? What do you struggle with on either side of this? The tension is where we should live. The tension is good.



a father. The Father

father picSo I’m new at this: a little over three months ago my wife and I welcomed our first child (Asher Jett) into our home. Before he was born, I started thinking about what the future would hold.  What kind of son would he be? Would he be be a musician like me, or would he have the “brains” and be an auditor like his mom? Maybe he would be a great mix of us both!  How would we go about disciplining him when he got into trouble?  I read books, listened to CDs, heard advice and soaked it all in, and then…he was born.  All changed.  Life as we knew it, running from here to there, piled up emails, dirty laundry–none of it mattered. I remember when we first brought him home and I was looking over him sleeping in his crib thinking, “This was my father, looking over me 30 years ago.” I can’t let life go so fast that I forget these moments.
And I can’t help but wonder what planning process happened as God the Father was getting ready to create mankind–preparing us a place to live, rest our heads, making everything perfect. And then, when he made us, did he have moments like mine, standing over us and marveling at his creation: “Wow! I created them! This is awesome.” I would bet so.